Rabu, 30 November 2016


Don't try too hard
It's okay to be a loser

But I don't care
You can't control my shit

I wanna big house
Big cars and
Big rings.
But actually I don't have any
-no more dream-

Don't wanna be fool
Wanna be cool, wanna be love
Same love as you
Baby I want it
-i like it-

No matter how thorny the road this

Don't think od anything
Dont say anything
Not even a word
Just give me a smile

If I let go of your hand
You'll fly away and break

Only thing I can do is RUN

Why do i keep needing you
When I know I'll get hurt?
-i need u-

I'm sorry
I love U
Forgive Me
-i need u-

I don't give a shit
I don't give a fuck

Live you life,
It's you anyways

School wrong
Society wrong
Parent wrong
Teacher wrong
Victim wrong
Purpetrator wrong
Bystander maybe
-school of tears-

We're too young and immature to give up
You idiot

Love hurts and hurts again
Farewell hurts and hurts even more
-love is not over-

I ask my self id I'm happy right now
That answer has already been detected
I'm happy
-the mood for love-

You can smile as long
As we're together

Don't wanna be alone
I'll be by your side
We'll be okay
One day it'll be a good day
-good day-

Holding on to a finished love
-let me know-

I need your love before i fall
Give me your hand save me
-save me-

Because the dawn right
Before the sunrise is the darkest

I wan't to wake up
I hate this dream
-save me-

I wan't to breathe
I hate this night
-save me-

Your heart just keeps drifting
I can't catch you
-dead leaves-

Even the attention isn't forever
I'll keel singing
-young forever-

I'm happy with who I become
-young forever-

I start let my self go
-young forever-

Don't tell me bye
You make me cry
Love is a lie

I may wander countless time
But I belive in my way

Don't wanna be lonely
Just wanna be yours
-save me-

Can you please
Stay with me?
-just one day-

I wish I could love my self

I wan't to tear my uniform

Hey but I just wanna to show
What I got
All I ever wanted yo do was
You said I'm a puppet
-too much-

If you can't respect,
Don't even open your mouth bitch

Even with this distance beetwen us,
Always stay by my side

This lunatic that has swallowed me
-save me-

Don't be trapped in somone else's dream

All of this seems like a dream

After that day,
Instead of my short fingernails
I bite into the memories

Wherever i go,
There are hip-hop losers
I'm too busy for them to compare me
And talk smack about me

Love is so painful
Goodbyes are even more painful

This moment even warm flower
Scented wind
Even the sky without a single cloud
Everything feels cold

It's not easy but engrave it on your chest

It's definitely my heart, my feelings
But why don't they listen to me?
I'm just talking yo my self again

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